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Nicholas Mears & Mary Ann Browning

Biography of Mary Ann Browning, possibly written by a family member (but not me)

Mary Ann Browning was born on April 3rd in the Year of Our Lord Seventeen Hundred and Ninety-Seven (3 April 1797). Her birthplace was at Hernhill, Kent, England. She was born during the reign of King George III.

When she was 16 years old and was married to Nicholas Mears [son of Nicholas and Ann Medlam Mears; christened 3 October 1792 in Ashford, Kent, England] and later they became the parents of eight children [including Mary Ann Mears, born 1815]. Her husband Nicholas was a Constable and when he was just 33 years old he was killed in a riot called the Battle of Bosenden Wood [Click HERE to see Wikipedia entry on this battle, including mention of Nicholas. Note that the article states that Nicholas was the brother of the constable. Either way, he was killed at the battle. There is also conflicting information about the date. Wikipedia says the battle was 31 May 1838. Nicholas would have been about 46 years old. FamilySearch says he died 10 December 1831. Hmmm.]

Later she married again. Her new husband's name was William Lewington Jemmett. At the time of their marriage he was 23 years old and she was 37 years old. She was 14 years older than William. He became the step-father of her 8 children and later they had five children of their own. Their names were William George, Henry George, Edward, Julia Jane, and Rosina Kathleen.

Mary Ann was baptized into the LDS Church when she was 52 years old [FamilySearch shows 1851, in which case she would have been 54] . For a time the LDS Mission Home was at her home. Her husband was a pious man and a strict observer of the Sabbath Day.

In 1857 her son William Henry became the first of her family to immigrate to America. He settled in St. Louis Mo. Julia Jane left for America in 1852. When she came to leave her father hugged her and said: "Julia, if it were not for the gospel's sake, and I didn't know we would meet again somewhere I could never stand this parting." This was the last time they were to ever see each other in this world. William Lewington died two years later when his boat was blown up on the Thames River. William had been the master of a sailing barge named the "Good Design." His occupation was mainly that of an oyster dredger. His boat also hauled freight and on his last trip it was hauling gun powder.

That night when he did not come home Mary Ann thought she heard his little dog scratching at the door she went to check, but there was no dog there. She had a feeling something had happened, and soon the terrible news was brought to her that her husband was killed when his boat was exploded by the gun powder on board. His little dog who would have been with him, also never came home again.

One year after William died Mary Ann decided to journey to America. By this time her son Henry George was also there. In the year 1865 when Mary Ann was 68 years old she and
her daughter , Rosina Kathleen, set sail for America. They sailed on the ship "Bell Wood" out of Liverpool.

They came to America the year the Civil War ended. Rosina and Mary Ann traveled across the planes with the Miner Grant Atwood Co., and had many adventures with Indians who stampeded cattle and Army soldiers who played tricks. They traveled approximately 5-15 miles in one day.

Rosina married Charles Johnson who operated the Sand Hole Stage Station in Kamas Idaho. For a time Mary Ann lived with them. All in all she lived to be 86 years old and died on April 28th of 1883 at Woodland, Utah.

If you visit the Heber City Cemetery in Utah you can see her tombstone.
A grandson was later to write of Mary Ann: "she was kindness itself."

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This above history along with more information on he second husband, click HERE to view a PDF.

Click HERE to see Mary Ann's gravestone on Find-A-Grave.

Click HERE to see Mary Ann's name on the register for the ship the Hudson, which she and her husband were planning on sailing on but did not.

William and Mary Ann on register for Hudson, which sailed without them before William died.
Click HERE to see Mary Ann's name on the register for the ship the Belle Wood, which Mary Ann and her daughter actually DID sail on.

Belle Wood register
Belle Wood register, cropped

Listed in the Miner G. Atwood company, click HERE.
1880 Census showing Mary Ann with a Powell family in Idaho.
1880 Census, cropped

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