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Christian Andersen and Ann Kathrine (Katrine) Pedersen

(Disclaimer: This couple needs more research. I am not sure about much of the information that I have gathered because I haven't seen any primary sources except the register from the boat that they traveled to the US on, so please be patient with me. This couple is one that I plan on researching more in depth in the future.)

Christian Andersen was born on 15 May 1796 in Skiellet, Voer, Hjorring, Denmark. His parents were Anders Jacobsen and Maren Madsen.

Anne Catrine (Katrine) Pedersdatter (sometimes recorded Pedersen) was born on 14 June 1805 in Als, Aalborg, Denmark. She was the daughter of Peder Nielsen and Maren Christensdatter.

Christian and Anne were married on 23 October 1825 in Dronninglund, Hjorring, Denmark. (There is another date for their marriage: 7 October 1821. Not sure which one is right.)

The couple had 7 children: Ane Margrethe, Peder, Maren, Christine, Anne Marie, Niels, and Else Marie.

Christan was possibly baptized in January 1853. There is a confirmation date of 1 January 1853, but I am not positive.

We do know that the couple, along with four children, sailed from Liverpool to New Orleans on the ship “James Nesmith” which left England in January 1855.  Another daughter, Ane, was on the ship with her husband and 2 children. Their older son Peder came to America later and it is unsure if their daughter Maren came to America at all.
Christan and Anne on register of “James Nesmith.” Their children are on the next page of the register. See Christine Andersen’s post.

Closer view, showing Christen was 58 and Anne was 49 when they boarded the ship. Also shows that Christan was a joiner (type of carpenter) by trade.

Christian died on 11 October 1855 in Mormon Grove, Atchison, Kansas according to FamilySearch. I have also seen that they died in Iowa City.

Anne died on 30 December 1855 in Mormon Grove, Atchison, Kansas (?).

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