Friday, May 25, 2012

More photos of George and Cora

Camping in 1919

Abt 1928

George and Cora with first grandchild, Helen and youngest child, Shirley. Abt 1934.

Summer 1934. Richard (15), Leonard (10), Cora and Shirley (6).

Cora and George- Thanksgiving 1937. 13 year old Leonard's profile on right.

Home of George and Cora before remodel.

Remodeled home. George and Cora's son, Richard, spearheaded the remodeling and landscaping after returned home from his mission in 1943.

1948, in front of their home in Parowan.

In front of the St. George Temple with other temple workers in 1964 or 1965.

Cora in 1983 with her children and their spouses.


  1. Cool! I love the old photos! Steve and I found their names on the 1940's census yesterday. That was kinda fun!

  2. Wow, Robyn. Thank you! I especially love the campfire photo from 1919. It's amazing that almost 100 years later we still enjoy that same thing as a family.