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George Samuel Rowley


George Samuel Rowley was born on November 12, 1887 in Parowan, Utah. She was the youngest of the eight children of Richard and Mary Ann Ray Rowley.

Richard & Mary Ann, about 1925

George, about age five (1892)
George grew up in a comfortable home. He and his family tended animals, had an orchard and a garden on their property. His father was a master gardening, and George learned early the value of hard work. He was well-liked among his peers, and had a knack for animals, especially horses.

The 1900 Census shows George's father Richard as head of household, along with his mother Mary Ann and 6 of their children. George was 12 year old at the time and under occupation is says, "At school."

Closer view of Richard Rowley family on 1900 Census.

George in about 1903 at 15
In 1909, at the age of 21, George married Cora May Morris in the St. George Temple.

The couple had six children: Morten (stillborn), Ramona, Morris, Richard, Leonard, and Shirley.

Census, 1920

George worked hard to provide for his family and had many different occupations over the years from hauling freight to raising turkeys, from raising sheep and dairy cows to dirt farming. He was even hired to help people with their horses.

George and his family were very active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Through the years, George served in many callings including counselor in a bishopric and stake missionary. He also worked for 8 years with Cora in the St. George Temple.

George was not drafted for World War I, but two of his sons, Morris and Leonard, served in World War II. During the war, George listened to the radio faithfully to keep track of the fighting whil Cora worried.
George in 1946, age 58.

George & Cora served two missions together. The first was in the Southern States Mission from December 1948 to June 1949 and the second was from June 1953 to June 1954 to the Central States Mission.

George and Cora before leaving in June 1953

Cora, 1953. George 1952.

In 1959, the couple celebrated the 50th Wedding Anniversary.

George never lost his love for animals. 1960.

He loved the outdoors, was a great camp cook and was a great mechanic.

George died March 5, 1965 in Cedar City, Utah and is buried in the Parowan Cemetery.

Click HERE to see his gravestone on Find A Grave.

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