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Sarah Durham

Sarah Durham was born in Oldham, Lancaster, England to John Durham and Isabella Thompson on 6 June 1825.

John, about 35 years old (1835) and Isabella, nearly 90 years old in about 1880.

When Sarah was still young she worked in the Nottingham cotton factory which was famous for its lace.

Sarah was baptized a member of the LDS church on 18 June 1843. One brother joined the church as well, but the rest of her family was devastated.

Sarah married William Morris on 2 August 1848 in St. Johns Church in Failsworth. Both were Mormons at the time and may have decided to be married at St. Johns to please their families.

In 1862, Sarah, William and 6 of their children made their way from England to Parowan, Utah. One daughter, 10 year old Sarah Jane, passed away of Mountain Fever in Wyoming and was buried on the roadside. (See William's history for more information on their journey.)

Sarah was the mother of 9 children (including William T. Morris), but lost 4 while they were young. One baby was buried in England before they came to America, Sarah Jane and twin boys, Joseph and John who both died of Cholera Infantum at 10 months of age.

Sarah grew up in a well-educated family. The family was also very talented in music. Sarah couple sight-read and sing in a rich alto to even the most difficult music. She was a member of the Parowan Choir, a prestigious group lead by her brother, Thomas Durham.

William and Sarah were sealed in the St. George Temple on 13 March 1870.

William and Sarah in about 1900. Will would die in November of that year.

Sarah has black hair and black eyes. She had a quick mind and a quick tongue. She was active in the Church and active in the community, including politics.

At 5 feet tall and less than 100 pounds was known as "Little Grandma" to her posterity. One evening when she was past 80, her son was playing a lively song on the piano. She came from her room with a little lampshade on her hear. She held out her skirts and danced like a little girl.

Sarah was remembered as an excellent cook and immaculate housekeeper. Her home was full of flowers and other lovely things.

This valiant pioneer died on 3 July 1916 in Parowan, Utah at the age of 91.

Click HERE to see Sarah's gravestone on Find A Grave.

To see Sarah on the 1880 and 1900 census, see William's post.

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