Monday, July 16, 2012

Giles Bartholomew Smith Ray

Kent County, United Kingdom

Giles Bartholomew Smith Ray, son of William Ray (born 1781) and Elizabeth Smith (born 1770), was born in 1807. He was christened on October 25, 1807 in Faversham, Kent, England.

In 1835 at the age of 28, he married Mary Ann Mears (1815-1906). At this time he was a mariner. The couple lived in several towns in Kent County including: Preson, Brent Town, Faversham and Whitstable. At Whitstable, he worked as an Oyster Dredger.

Giles and Mary Ann had nine children. (Click HERE for post on his daughter, Mary Ann Ray.)

Giles died on December 26, 1864 in Faversham, at the age of 57.

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